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The 2017 Australasian Cognitive Neuroscience Society Conference Abstract Submissions are



There is no extension to the Student Travel Award submission deadline.

ACNS encourages submission of abstracts describing new research on the interrelationships between the physiological and psychological aspects of behaviour. Abstracts must be written in understandable English and will be evaluated on the basis of scientific merit by peer review. Abstracts should report original data that will not be published elsewhere prior to the meeting, although presentation at a recent meeting (e.g., within a year) of another society is acceptable. Submissions should cover primarily methods and results, although contributions with a theoretical or methodological emphasis are welcome, as are systematic reviews and meta-analyses.

Abstracts that are accepted for presentation will be published in the conference proceedings which will be published on the ACNS website. The Scientific Committee reserves the right to make editorial corrections to submitted abstracts.

Please review the submission instructions carefully below.

The presenting author must register and attend ACNS2017.

Notification of acceptance will be e-mailed to the designated corresponding author within 2 weeks of submission, to facilitate institutional funding requests.  Notification of presentation type (talk, fast talk, poster) will only be emailed to the corresponding author in mid/late October.

Presentation Formats

Authors are required to specify the order of preference for EACH of the following presentation formats. We will try to accommodate format preferences, but will prioritise appropriate themes for oral sessions over author format preference.

Poster: All posters will be displayed in a single Poster Gala session on Saturday 25 November.  Posters will be in electronic format.

Oral Presentation: There will be a few opportunities for oral presentations within open paper sessions. These will be selected on thematic content and quality of abstract. (20min including questions)

Fast-talk presentations: This a relatively new format that focuses on ECR and student work, but is open to all. (10min including questions)

All correspondence about abstract submissions will be sent to the corresponding author only.

Each registrant may be presenting author on one submission only.

If the presenting author is a student, they are eligible to apply for a student award. Please indicate your student status at the time of registration (e.g., PhD, Masters, undergraduate). Only ACNS student members at the time of registration are eligible for this award.

Travel and Presentation Awards will be presented on Sunday 26 November.

The presenting author will receive an email confirming abstract submission.

If you do not receive an e-mail response within 24 hours after submission, ACNS did not receive your abstract. In this case, it is your responsibility to contact

Abstract Submission Instructions

Abstracts must be submitted electronically.

All abstracts must be prepared in plain text, in understandable English with no embedded symbols or formatting characters.

Submissions may not include charts, graphs, tables or references. Please spell out the symbols (alpha, beta, microns, etc.) or translate them (mean, chi square, etc.) in your abstract submission.

To submit an abstract, the corresponding author must register with the system, with a current email address and set up a password.

Carefully follow the directions provided with the website instructions:

Use a clear, descriptive title. Do not use capital letters and restrict to 20 words maximum.

Enter each author and list their primary affiliation/institution. Do not abbreviate the affiliation.

Include full first and last names for each author.

The body of the Abstract must not exceed 2000 characters (including spaces). It should not include section subheading, but must clearly indicate background, methods, results and discussion.

If you wish to provide a funding source for your research, please include it as the last sentence in your abstract.

Proofread your submission.

Consider submitting your abstract earlier than the deadline. ACNS welcomes early submissions!

We encourage new research and preliminary findings. However, we do not support early development of research programs that have no data. If in doubt, please contact

Please indicate for your abstract the most relevant within each of the following lists:


  • Brain Stimulation (TMS, tDCS, DBS)
  • Computational Modelling
  • EEG/ MEG / Intracranial EEG
  • Functional Brain Imaging (fMRI, NIRS)
  • Psychophysics / Behavioural Studies
  • Psychophysiology
  • Structural Brain Imaging (MRI, DTI)


  • Attention, Sensation, and Perception
  • Cognition and Decision-Making
  • Emotional and Social Processes
  • Language, Learning, and Memory
  • Motor Processes

Focus group

  • Normative
  • Children/Adolescents
  • Ageing
  • Lifespan
  • Clinical
  • Animal 
Abstract Submissions are NOW CLOSED

Symposium Submissions

Each symposium will consist of four 15 minute presentations, followed by a 30 minute discussion.

Symposia themes should be of interest to the broad membership of the Society.  Although proposals will be considered primarily on scientific merit, the conference organising committee will take into consideration the gender diversity of the proposed speakers (in line with our Society Gender and Equity Policy). Further, for the most part, speakers in each symposium should come from different institutions.

If you would like to submit a symposium application, please include:

  • Title of symposium and brief (max. 100 word) description/justification.
  • Name of chairperson and their affiliation.
  • Names of the four speakers and their affiliations (one can be the chair, but not compulsory).
  • The titles, co-authors and abstracts for each talk (please follow the general abstract submission guidelines on the conference website), for each speaker.

Applications must be submitted to as one .pdf file.  If you have any questions, email

Deadline for submission Monday 17 July 2017.

Submission implies that all speakers/chairperson have committed to attending the conference.

Registration for all chairs and speakers will be required upon acceptance of the symposium (there is no Society funding available).

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