Conference Committee

The Local Organising Committee

  • Chair: Dr Hannah Keage (

Members from UniSA

  • Dr Tobias Loetscher
  • Dr Mark Kohler
  • Dr Ashleigh Smith
  • Dr Scott Coussens
  • Dr Michelle McDonnell
  • Dr Tasha Stanton
  • Dr Brenton Hodacre

Members from the University of Adelaide

  • Professor Michael Ridding
  • Professor John Dunn (now at University of Western Australia)
  • Dr Mitchell Goldsworthy
  • Dr Lyndsey Collins-Praino
  • Bahar Moezzi

Members from Flinders University

  • Dr Owen Churches
  • Professor Jason McCarley (now at Oregon State)

Member from 2018 ACNC, University of Melbourne

  • Dr Stefan Bode

Member from 2016 ACNC, University of Newcaslte

  • Assoc/Prof Frini Karayanidis

Student Group

  • Louise Lavrencic, University of South Australia
  • Danielle Greaves, University of South Australia
  • Rebecca Callahan, University of South Australia
  • Dilushi Chandrakumar, University of South Australia
  • Amanda Santamaria, University of South Australia


  • Melissa Cava

The Scientific Committee

  • Prof Allison Fox, University of Western Australia
  • Assoc/Prof Ben Harrison, University of Melbourne
  • Assoc/Prof Frances Martin, University of Newcastle
  • Dr Gina Grimshaw, University of Wellington
  • Prof Jason McCarley, Oregon State
  • Prof John Dunn, University of Western Australia
  • Dr Michelle McDonnell, University of South Australia
  • Dr Steve Provost, Southern Cross University
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